Getting Started with LifterLMS PDFs


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With LifterLMS PDFs you and your learners can download PDFs of earned certificates instead of the default HTML file downloads provided by the LifterLMS core. When a student clicks the Save button on the view of their earned certificate, it will download instantly as a PDF.

In the future LifterLMS PDFs will also provide the ability to generate PDFs from other areas of LifterLMS. If you’re interested in having other PDF generation functionality provided by this add-on please let us know what you’re looking for by submitting a feature request.

Install and Enable LifterLMS PDFs

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To install LifterLMS PDFs:

  1. Ensure that LifterLMS is already installed, activated, and updated to the latest version.
  2. Install the LifterLMS PDFs plugin file and then activate the plugin. If you’re not sure how to install a plugin take a look at our guide.

Grant API Access

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LifterLMS PDFs adds PDF generation functionality through a third-party PDF generation API, pdflayer.

A free pdflayer account allows you to generate up to 100 PDFs per month. Once you hit that cap you can upgrade to any of their paid plans to continue generating PDFs.

  1. Visit to create your account.
  2. Login to your account dashboard at
  3. Locate your API Access Key
  4. Do NOT turn on the secret word setting in PDFlayer as this will prevent the integration from functioning. api account access key
  5. On your WordPress admin panel head to LifterLMS -> Settings -> Engagements and copy your API Access Key into the corresponding password field.
    pdfayer api access key field

After saving your API Access Key a test API request will automatically be performed. If the request is successful a green check mark will be added to the right of the field. Otherwise you’ll see a red “X” indicating an invalid API Access Key and an error message will be output below the field.


This method will store your API Access Key in the WordPress database. If you’d prefer a more secure storage method you may define the API Access Key as a constant in your site’s wp-config.php file.

API Errors

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If an error is encountered during an API request LifterLMS PDFs will log the error to the log file located at wp-content/uploads/llms-logs/pdflayer-{$hash}.log. API errors will never be exposed to users on the front-end of the website. If an error is encountered instead of being served the expected PDF export, the user will be served with the default HTML export generated by the LifterLMS core.

The most common API error will occur if you’ve reached your pdflayer API request quota. When you near and/or exceed your API request quota pdflayer will email you at your pdflayer account email address notifying you. You are allowed to exceed your request quote by 20% and after that your API requests will result in an error.

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