Getting Started with LifterLMS Labs


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LifterLMS Labs is a collection of experimental, conceptual, and possibly silly features which improve and enhance the functionality of the LifterLMS core.

We’ve created this free LifterLMS add-on in order to provide these optional features to the LifterLMS community which may or may not be useful to everyone.

Some labs will ultimately find their way into the LifterLMS Core, some may be a lab forever.


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Via WordPress

  1. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New
  2. In the Search box enter “LifterLMS Labs”
  3. Click “Install Now”
  4. When installation is complete click “Activate”


  1. Download LifterLMS Labs
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Upload the directory to your site’s plugins directory at wp-content/plugins

Enabling Labs

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Visit the LifterLMS Labs settings screen which can be found at LifterLMS -> Labs.

Here you’ll find a list of Labs, click the “Enable” button to enable the lab.

Most Labs will have settings available, click “Configure” to configure the lab’s settings.

For a full list of available labs and information on each lab click here.


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