How to Clone a LifterLMS Course

Since LifterLMS 3.3.0 you can clone courses in a single click.

Video Demo

To clone a course:

  1. Navigate to your WordPress admin panel
  2. Click LifterLMS -> Courses
  3. Find the course you want to clone and hover over the course over the course record in the table to reveal the course action links
  4. Click Clone

The page will reload and a duplicate copy of your course will be on the courses list marked as a draft.

When cloning a course, a complete copy of the course is made, this copy includes:

  • Course Author information
  • Course settings
  • Course featured image
  • Course Categories, Tags, and Tracks
  • Course descriptions
  • All sections contained within the course
    • Section titles
    • Section order within the course
  • All lessons
    • Lesson author information
    • All lesson settings
    • Lesson content and description
    • Lesson order within the section
  • All quizzes attached to lessons within the course
    • All point values
    • All questions within the quizzes
    • Lesson relationships
  • All access plans
    • Access plan settings
    • Access plan title
    • Access plan description
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