How can I change the “Author Information” on my course?


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In LifterLMS 3.0 we’ve added information about the course author to the course landing page.

This information is pulled from the User Profile of the course’s Author.

Update Author Name and Bio

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To update the author’s information log in to your admin panel and go to Users -> All Users, locate the course author on this list and click their name to edit their profile.

Here you can edit all the information about the author. The “Display name publicly as” is the field being displayed on the¬†course. You’ll want to add the other fields like First Name, Last Name, and / or Nickname in order to populate this field with some options.¬†Choose the option you like best and save!

You can also add a short bio by adding content to the Biographical Info field.

Updating the Avatar

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The Author’s avatar is pulled from Gravatar. To learn more about managing your Gravatar, see How to Use Gravatars with LifterLMS.

Remove Author from the Course

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Don’t want the author information to display at all? Not a problem, here’s how:¬†

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