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The LifterLMS Advanced Videos YouTube integration adds the ability to utilize YouTube embedded videos within LifterLMS lessons to require video progression, customize the video player, and more.

While YouTube is the most inexpensive provider included with LifterLMS Advanced Videos (completely free), it is also the least flexible and secure.

Activating YouTube

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To activate YouTube as a LifterLMS Advanced Videos provider:

  1. Ensure LifterLMS Advanced Videos is installed and activated
  2. On your WordPress admin panel navigate to LifterLMS -> Settings -> Integrations
  3. Select “Videos: YouTube” from the integration list
  4. Check the box to enable the integration and click “Save”

Provider Settings

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In addition to powering the course progression settings provided by LifterLMS Advanced Videos, the YouTube integration has additional video player customization settings.

YouTube video settings

Setting: Disable Controls

Disables the default YouTube interface and enables the “Minimalist” video player interface provided by LifterLMS Advanced Videos.

When this setting is enabled students can only Play and Pause the video.

Setting: Disable Fullscreen

Enabling this setting removes the fullscreen button from the YouTube interface.

Setting: Color Scheme

Configure the player branding primary color. This color is used for the play button and progress bar.

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