Put your business first and let us handle the technical details of 

installing, designing and building your online course platform

 You have a unique skill set, a specific knowledge base, and you’re eager to share your wisdom with the world. You empower your students to overcome the obstacles obstructing their path to success. Your knowledge and online course has the potential to change peoples’ lives. Don't get bogged down with the technical requirements of building your website and course platform. Let us do it for you — we'll be your trusted technology partner!

Good news! Our LifterLMS Done For You all-in-one course platform creation service delivers your website to you in 5 -10 business days.


  • Spend more time marketing your business so that you can spread your message to more people and generate more income.
  • Work on the content that your students crave instead of trying to figure out the best way to deliver that content.
  • Be confident that your course and membership content is secure at all times, even if you currently have none of the technical expertise to achieve that yourself.
  • Spend your days engaging with students and building a loyal following instead of designing your course.
  • Get your next course on the market faster and easier than ever before so you can start earning money back on your technical investment within days.

Our Done For You Set Up Service packages start at $1,000 on sale.

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