20 People Share Top Benefits of Using WordPress For Your eLearning Website

Not everyone is a perfect fit for using WordPress as a platform for creating online courses, remote schools, and other kinds of elearning websites. For others, WordPress is the only and best way to create an eLearning website.

Here’s why people choose WordPress as a foundation for eLearning website design…

“When it comes to building eLearning platforms, WordPress is a great choice as it allows you to truly own your platform, while offering great customization options.”

~ Donald Chan, MarTech Wise

“It gives me 100% control over every detail – from mobile version, through game-ability & user experience and all the way through marketing options. The hosting is cheap. The technical support is easy to find and affordable and the best part – it gets faster to see result in search engines so you get more traffic.”

~ Ziv Raviv, Daily Cookie

“WordPress is quite flexible, customizable and good for SEO.”

~ Mohammed Khan. Freelancer

“Using WordPress as a platform for a LMS makes more sense than one may realize initially. Sure, going to a turnkey system may look easy to start, but the fact of the matter is you have less overall control of the interaction that you would with WordPress. Owning the engagement and experience has amazing value being able to add what you need in regards to functionality at the time you need it is an additional bonus over other systems.”

~ Adam Silver, ConciergeWP

“WordPress gives us so much more flexibility than going with a SaaS online course platform. We have total freedom to add additional functionality such as an online membership system, selling other digital or physical products, running affiliate programs, etc and thus bring in more revenue than from course sales alone. Additionally, we are not placed in competition with similar courses on a platform and instead have control of our own advertising – so we can more directly advertise to our niche target market. There is no middle man taking a cut of our earnings – 100% of course sales goes directly to us.”

~ Katie, Abridge Academy

“WordPress offers the most flexibility and customization of any other platform I’ve used. You can really tailor it to fit your needs. With all of the themes and plugins available, it makes it one of the most versatile tools for running my business. It’s also a great choice to host an online learning platform because software like LifterLMS easily integrates into what I already have, creating a seamless experience for the student.”

~ Jeremy Deighan, Online Course Igniter

“Recently I helped a client move their course from Udemy to WordPress. It was an easy decision, they are now more in control of their traffic, pricing tiers and much have more flexibility. When we talked through the options they couldn’t believe how easy WordPress made it for them. I love introducing clients to learning systems in WordPress, it always impresses them with ease of use and flexibility!”

~ Lindsey Miller, Content Journey

“Except the fact we are WordPress Development company, we are using WordPress because: it’s free and open-source, easy-to-use and implement any ideas in life, uncomplicated learning curve. Additionally, I believe WordPress is SEO and security friendly. Plus, as usual it’s simpler to scale for your needs.”

~ Lana Miro, Crocoblock

“Flexible, customizable, it can grow with you and there will always be a plugin you can add for that bit of extra functionality.”

~ Natascha, Mind Your Own Business

“WordPress is flexible. You can connect it to just about anything with a pre-existing integration. And if an integration doesn’t exist you can build one yourself or hire someone to build it for you. Ultimately WordPress doesn’t lock you out of anything. You can always build onto what you have.”

~ Patrick Rauland, Paid Memberships Pro

“WordPress has an easy to use plug-in system. These plug-ins allow me to add features to my WordPress website without having to write a line of code. This includes using LifterLMS as my online learning platform. With LifterLMS and other plugins, I can get my online learning website up and running in just a few hours!”

~ Alastair Duhs, Anger Secrets

“To me, owning every element of your site and product is an extremely powerful thing. Farming pieces of your platform out to third party services — which, more often than not, requires *additional* third party services like Zapier to import data and tie everything back together — is usually more trouble than it’s worth. Using WordPress allows for better vertical integration and fewer headaches when you decide to add additional functionality down the line.”

~ Jason Cosper, DreamHost

“It is very flexible and has a rich development history. I have used WordPress for 15+ years, so it is a good fit for me. I’ve tried a few other CMS systems that work well, but I’ve moved all my sites to WordPress over the years. It is also much easier to upgrade compared to the other CMSs (although I haven’t used them in over 5 years so they may be better now).”

~ Bill Nickerson

“WordPress is the best choice for an online learning platform because of the expansive ecosystem. There are a few Learning Management Systems that you can choose from, and each has their sweet spot. Since they are plugins, they should be compatible with virtually every WordPress theme so you can keep your existing style without compromise. Additionally, the LMS platforms have hundreds of add-on plugins to enhance your development experience and also improve your customer’s experiences with specific functionality.”

~ Greg Karelitz, Chairlift

“I have complete ownership of the content and platform. It’s the single place for my LMS, blog, and CRM.”

~ Reuben Hochstetler, Touchdown Tech

“Because that is the only platform on which I can install LifterLMS. Other than that: widely supported, easy to use and I know php.”

~ Reinaldo Novoa, TACFIT Inc.

“Easy to use, Plugins available. Familiarity.”

~ C O’Kelly, The Digital Space Company

“WordPress has phenomenal flexibility. From things like multi currency payments and multilingual plugins, to the creative opportunities of a huge selection of themes and templates without ever having to touch any code, it’s the perfect platform for my online course for photographers. I love that the options available out of the box in WordPress are simple enough for a small 5 page site, or versatile enough for a larger and more complex site. It means that it’s my go-to starting point for any website builds or design projects, regardless of project size and scope.”

~ Karen Julia, Photo SEO Lab

“We love the flexibility of the platform.”

~ Helen, The Nursing CPD Institute

“I have been building websites since ‘96 and using WordPress seriously since around 2013. I already own the site, on WordPress, so adding my membership and courses in one place just made sense. Keeping on the same platform gave me one less place to login to and deal with. This saves times, keeps things organized, and leverages skills I already have.”

~ Dale Berkebile, Hellagood Life

Most Popular Reasons People Choose WordPress for eLearning

Choosing WordPress for your eLearning or learning management system website (LMS) gives you platform ownership, unlimited customizability, and the ability to create a truly unique brand.