What is an LMS?

Have you ever felt frustrated trying to understand what a LMS is? Perhaps it’s unclear wether you need a Learning Management System, membership site, courseware or elearning authoring tool?

People ask Chris all the time for help sorting through all the confusing jargon in the LMS industry. It’s an industry full of too many TLA’s … Three Letter Acronyms. People like Jane show up to our ask us anything calls on Zoom completely exhausted from all the research and confusing vocabulary in the online learning, web development, and online business industries.

Perhaps you’re struggling with one of these challenges…

  • There’s just too many terms I need to learn
  • The amount of technical jargon is overwhelming
  • There’s so many software companies in this LMS industry making it hard to choose

We’re going to help you get through the LMS terminology so you can…

  • Learn the few terms that are important and lock in your understanding
  • Move on from vocabulary to the priorities that really matter
  • Discover the most powerful affordable all in one LMS solution on the market … LifterLMS

The 5 key principles of a LMS are the ability to …

  1. Structure content into online courses and other training content
  2. Protect content and enroll learners for free, a payment, recurring payments or any other model
  3. Provide a unique personalized user dashboard for each learner
  4. Track progress and results through the training material for both the learner and admin reporting
  5. Report on the data in the system for students, courses, memberships, ecommerce, and more

Chris Badgett has been building LMS websites with WordPress for a decade. He’s seen way too many people get hung up on the jargon and get spread out across way too many software tools. That’s why they created an all in one solution at LifterLMS.

There’s a myth that you need a separate membership plugin and separate ecommerce plugin and separate gamification plugin to build a complete LMS website. That’s not true. Just get LifterLMS which includes all those features.

Just start with the free core LifterLMS plugin and a payment gateway. That’s all many LMS website projects need to be successful.