How to Start a Webinar in 9 Easy Steps with this Checklist

This “Webinar Start Checklist” will help you start your webinars with confidence and without making the classic mistakes.

If you run a lot of webinars like me, you know that there’s almost always technical errors or some important step that you forgot to do.

That’s why I created this checklist I use to start every webinar in Zoom…

The Webinar Start Checklist

Step 1) Clean camera lens

Step 2) Welcome early birds by name

Step 3) Begin livestream to Facebook Group or YouTube Channel

Step 4) Hit “Record” to capture video and audio for later use in your Learning Management System (LMS), YouTube, or elsewhere

Step 5) Introduce the topic of the presentation

Step 6) Welcome everyone by name and ask something to get them engaged in the chat like where they are from

Step 7) Let them know what they get if they stay to the end (we often do some LifterLMS software license giveaway)

Step 8) Introduce guest presenter (if applicable)

Step 9) Begin presentation

*Pro Tip: Have someone on your team on the webinar giving you backup on the webinar to make sure you don’t miss a step in the checklist. It’s easy to miss a step when you get into presentation flow.

Here’s what I’d like you to do next …

If you run webinars, put this checklist by your computer. I actually stick the checklist on a post-it-note on one of my monitors every time I start a webinar.

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