Version 1.1.0 now Available


lifterLMS version 1.1.0 is finally here and boy do we have some updates!

What kind of updates? Well how about quizzes and coupons to start!
When you update lifterLMS to version 1.1 you will find three new sub menu items: Coupons, Quizzes and Quiz Questions.
To help get you started we put together a short video tutorial on how to build quizzes. (see video below)

In addition to the major enhancements (quizzes and coupons) we have a few new features:

New Settings (My Account)

  • Require users to enter thier email address twice for accuracy on registration.
  • Require Billing Address on user registration
  • Require First and Last name on user registration

Membership Expiration

You can now set a membership level to expire after a certain number of days. This setting can be really useful if you want to offer users a free trial or simply want your memberships to renew after a period of time.

Limit number of students to a course

In the course syllabus meta box you will now be able to limit the number of students that can enroll in a specific course.

Lots and lots of core enhancements and goodies for developers

  • HTML and CSS enhancements
  • Payment Gateway credit card support for 3rd party plugins
  • Form filters for developer access to form submissions
  • Form templating improvements for 3rd party plugins
  • System enhancements and improvements


Offer discounts for courses and memberships:
Creating coupons is easy in lifterLMS. 

  • Simply go to lifterLMS -> Coupons in the Admin area. Click “Add Coupon.”
  • Give your coupon a code, select from % or $ discount type.
  • Type in your amount.
  • Limit the number of uses. (only if you want to)

That’s it. Coupons can be used for both courses and membership purchases. To keep pricing simple for you and the user only % coupons can be applied to recurring payment purchases.


Creating quizzes is fun. We had a blast building and testing quizzes. Watch the video below of Joshua and Mark building and taking a quiz.

Thanks to everyone for the great requests and support! We are excited about all the new features in version 1.1 but that’s only the beginning! As I write this we are already hard at work on version 1.2.