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help (verb)

This is a busy time of year.
Actually, let’s get real — it is always a busy time of year.
Whether it is the holidays, tax season, back to school, summertime, end of the school year, a birthday, or just life, we are always busy.
If you are like me, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and fall into the trap of trying to take on everything yourself…and as a result get very little, or nothing at all, actually done.
Here’s a personal example.  When I first lived on my own, I loved planning meals.  Every Sunday I would sit down and create a healthy, balanced menu for the entire week — breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I would figure out all the ingredients and grocery shop for all of my food for the week at once.  This would involve price comparing and going to several different grocery stores.  Fast forward to twenty years later.  With 2 kids, a job, family, and outside community commitments, my “meal planning” had evolved into something quite different, and less than ideal.  It went something like this:

“Mom, what’s for dinner?”
Me, looking at the clock as I try to finish up a few more emails…”Umm, I’ll figure it out in a few minutes.”
[30 minutes later]
“Mom, have you figured out dinner yet?”
Me, looking at the clock and realizing we have 45 minutes until I need to scramble to get the kids off to activities and very little in the fridge to eat…”How does pizza sound?”

So, I used to be a thoughtful meal planner and grocery shopper.  It used to be in my skillset.  But, at this moment in time, at this point in my life, I had to accept that this type of meal planning was no longer at the top of my list.  And in order to prioritize other things in my life and still feed my family, I knew something had to change.  I needed help. So, I outsourced. I recently subscribed to a meal kit delivery service. And yes, it is a little bit more of a financial investment than going to 3 different stores and bargain shopping, but it is also a lot less time consuming. This investment allows me the freedom to spend more time focusing on the things I want and need to focus on — my job, my family, and my community obligations.  And, in turn, I let the experts plan and ship ingredients and recipes for 3 healthy family meals a week right to my front door.

LifterLMS Done For You Service

I shared my personal story, because I know there is someone out there reading this who can relate. It’s not easy to “do it all.” As an online course creator, you know that your unique online course has the power to change peoples’ lives…but you need to get it out of your head and onto the web.  Maybe you are a business advisor, a health and fitness coach, or a foreign language instructor.  Whatever your niche, you have a special skill set, a specific information base, and you’re eager to share your knowledge with the universe. You likely empower your students to overcome the obstacles obstructing their path to success, and if technical requirements of building your course platform are slowing you down, it’s time for you to do the same. Overcome the obstacles keeping your course offline.
With our freshly relaunched Done For You services we handle the details of installing, styling, and deploying your online course platform to your WordPress site. We’ll set you up for success and get you to a place where you can easily install your course content and start earning money back on your technical investment quickly!
All you need to do is chose your level of service based on desired add-ons, with our recently revamped and simplified service offerings. We now offer two levels of service packages and pricing — the Infinity Bundle Done for You as well as the Universe Bundle Done For You.
With both levels of service you receive a styled, templated LMS site that you can easily add your custom course content to. Our Done For You Services are designed to get you over the sticking points of installing and setting up the technical aspects of your site.
Once you make your selection and complete your purchase, we’ll ask a few simple style questions as well as for you to provide us with logins to a blank/clean WordPress installation where you would like us to deploy your site. Within 5 business days of receiving your deliverables, we’ll deliver your Done For You right to you!

Let The Experts Handle the Technical Requirements