Say Hello to LaunchPad 1.3.0

The LifterLMS LaunchPad theme continues to evolve. Just like with LifterLMS, we listen to user feedback to shape the evolution of the LaunchPad theme.
So what’s new in LaunchPad 1.3.0?

1) Theme Options Import and Export

Why is this important?
What makes LaunchPad so powerful is it’s powerful theme options panel which gives non-developers a lot of control over the design of the website and the specific LifterLMS related elements.

  • You could change the color scheme of various areas without having to write a single line of code.
  • You could select from a pool of over 600 Google fonts and modify size and colors.
  • You could modify how the Course template looks and much, much more…

Theme options are powerful, but with this power comes some set up and configuration time. What if you could just import a specific configuration that you like?
Now you can.
If you want your site to look exactly like the design of the LifterLMS demo or the LifterLMS LaunchPad theme demo, you can now do that with a one-click settings import.
We’re also going to be adding some pre-configured settings, or “design skins” that you can access by becoming a LifterLMS Pro member.
You can also export your theme options to give you an added level of security by having a backup of those.
Exports are also handy if you ever want to share your creation with another LifterLMS user.

2) But Wait There’s More …

Based on user feedback, we’ve also added more settings to give you even more control over the design of your online course website:

  • Logo width settings so you can make your logo big or small
  • Logo left or logo right layout options so you can play with different logo and menu layouts
  • Header layout options so you can modify the top of your website to match the vision in your head
  • Side by side login and registration options so you can display both without the user needing to scroll down
  • The ability to hide page title on any page, post, course, or lesson so you can simplify pages as needed
  • More customizations over LifterLMS buttons so you can make the buttons bigger

Let’s Take a Tour Together

Here’s a video tour of these new LifterLMS LaunchPad features …

Are You Ready for LaunchPad?

Click here to find out more about LifterLMS LaunchPad and check out the demo.