Real SEO for Your Online Course Platform

I had the honor to chat with Scott Magadalein of TrainedUp about SEO for online course creators. When you watch the video replay of our conversation, you’re going to have a better understanding of what search engine optimization is and how you can use it in your marketing stack to grow your platform.

Here’s what solid SEO for your learning platform can do for you

If your platform has good search engine optimization you can

  • Get found easier
  • Grow faster (this is especially important if you are brand new on the scene and need to get profitable ASAP)
  • Spend less or no money on paid advertising channels

Another counterintuitive benefit about having quality search engine optimization is that the very act of working on your SEO means you will have a deeper understanding of the mind of your customer, how you can communicate more clearly, and the competitive landscape in your industry.

Ready for better SEO? Here’s what to do next …

If you are ready to optimize your platform’s SEO, I’m going to give you 3 options to explore:
1) Do it yourself and implement all the tips and tricks you got from the video in this post.
2) Learn more tips and trick from Rebecca Gill and implement all the tips and tricks from this post and more tactics from Rebecca.
3) Let Scott Magdalein and his team do it for you! Email Scott at [email protected] about his available SEO services while he still has availability for new clients.