How To Make a WordPress Website for Real Estate Agent Lead Generation in 37 Minutes

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or completely ineffective when trying to generate steady buyer and seller leads from your internet marketing? As a real estate agent it’s important to use your website to capture leads, nurture leads, and create client appointments all on auto pilot.

People ask Chris all the time how to build an automated real estate lead generation machine on the internet. They want the power and customizablity of WordPress without the hassle and expense of starting with some clunky real estate software or getting overly reliant on some outdated marketing method like direct mail or cold calling.

We used to have to build real estate lead gen sites from scratch, but now we can use these useful templates made by companies like Kadence. And we can hook in a learning management system (LMS) to do modern education based marketing through free online coursers to collect emails and phone numbers while automating those repetitive frequently asked questions.

Perhaps you’re struggling with one of these challenges …

  • It’s frustrating and inefficient answering the same client questions over and over
  • If you don’t answer your phone or don’t reply to email fast enough, the lead is gone forever
  • It’s hard to stand out with so many competing real estate agents in your area

We’re going to help you create a real estate client lead generation machine faster than you ever thought possible so you can…

  • Let useful free first time buyer and seller online courses answer the most common questions in advance to talking with them
  • Allow your website and online courses function as a 24/7/365 real estate lead generation machine that never sleeps
  • It’s easy to stand out in your real estate market when you over deliver for your clients through online training and a gorgeous real estate website

The 5 key principles of creating a lead generating website…

  1. Teach what you know
  2. Prepare your future clients to be dream clients
  3. Multiply your prospecting force (by having infinite versions of you helping prospects through online video)
  4. Transition from the free course to an appointment booking in the last lesson
  5. Create shareable free courses for referrals on auto pilot

Chris Badgett has been building real estate lead generation and WordPress membership websites for a decade. He’s seen way too many real estate agents end up stalled out or in a hot mess because they chose the wrong real estate website platform. If tools like LifterLMS and Kadence real estate starter templates existed in 2010 his journey would have been so much easier and more profitable.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 48 percent of all real estate firms cited keeping up with technology as one of the biggest challenges facing their firm in the next two years. So lead the pack and implement the real estate WordPress website for lead generation tutorial here!

You can hire a WordPress professional to put all this tech together for you. Just map out your free course ideas on paper, and reach out to LifterLMS.