Top 3 Online Courses Residential Real Estate Brokers and Agency Owners Use For Business Growth

The great advantage that real estate brokers and agency owners have as online course creators is that they already have a background in marketing, sales and communication.
When you have a marketing and sales background, you understand the need to have a balanced blend of development across the 3 marketing methods:

  1. Inbound (content marketing)
  2. Outbound (prospecting)
  3. Relationships (interacting with real people)

Creating online courses as part of your marketing mix checks all the boxes in terms of marketing methods.
If I were to advise real estate business owners like you to make just 3 online courses, these are them (*Watch the video above to get more detail about these 3 courses you should make) …

1) For Sale By Owner Course

This course attracts leads from and adds value to a group or market segment who may not be initially interested in your business.

2) First Time Home Buyer Course

This course gets you involved on the buyer side.

3) How To Sell Your Property For Maximum Profit

This course gets you involved on the seller side.

3 More Tips

It’s more important to make these courses free and prioritize a large user base over creating an additional income stream.
You can shoot the video lessons on your iphone, or you can go professional and hire a film crew. Both ways work. The best option depends on your budget. Quality content is more important than production quality in online education.

If you are ready to learn new skills, it is perfectly acceptable to roll up the sleeves and learn the new skills required to build a real estate online course delivery system or learning management system “LMS.” If you are interested in having a professional put together your online real estate education platform, click here for a special video message and contact details.