The LifterLMS Quiz System Just Got More Engaging!

LifterLMS 3.3.1 just rolled out with some powerful new quiz engagement options.
This means you can now trigger personalized emails, achievement badges, or certificates from any of these scenarios:

  • Quiz completion
  • Quiz pass
  • Quiz fail

8 ways you can use LifterLMS quiz engagements to encourage progress

LifterLMS Quiz engagment system1) Send a personalized email congratulating the learner on passing a quiz. A little positive recognition goes a long way!
2) Send a personalized email to the learner if they fail the quiz encouraging them to take another attempt. If they know you care about their success or failure, this can be motivating.
3) BCC the course author when a quiz fail email goes out so the course creator is aware of where students fail in the curriculum, so they can improve the instruction. If you don’t have a feedback loop on where people fail, you’re not realizing your potential as a teacher.
4) CC a quiz pass email to a community Slack channel so the whole group can celebrate when a peer succeeds. If you’re not using Slack yet, you should check it out.
5) CC a course tutor whenever a quiz fail email goes out so they can reach out to assist. Passive income is cool, but the best online training platforms have some personal coaching or tutoring mixed in.
6) CC a certifying body that gives continuing education credits based on passing a final quiz email that goes out. Are you making bank with your online course that has been approved for some continuing education requirement? Make your job even easier by automating the step where the board gets notified when someone passes the continuing ed course.
7) When someone fails a quiz, award them an undesirable achievement. Sometimes negative enforcement can help motivate. But be careful with this one, and be sure to focus most of your engagements in a positive light.

LifterLMS_General biz_Failure

8) When someone passes a quiz, award them a desirable achievement. You could give them the achievement badge instantly and drip out a personalized email the next day. Why not spread out the celebration!

LifterLMS_General biz_Trophy

If you’re curious about more ways to make your platform more engaging …

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