How to Create a Winning Online Course Sales Page in Minutes NOT Months

Have you ever felt frustrated when it comes to creating a course sales page. It’s like pulling teeth getting what you need for content from your clients. Or if you’re making the course for yourself, you just stare at a blank screen for hours.

People ask Chris all the time how to create an effective course sales page. WordPress professionals get stuck here often. Their clients want this beautiful sales page, but they don’t know how to give you what you actually need to make it work. Perhaps you’re struggling with one of these challenges …

  • You’re more of a designer or website builder, not really a sales and marketing pro
  • Subject matter experts don’t know how to write good sales pages
  • You’re not a strong copywriter yet

I’m going to help you get a winning course sales page up 100 times faster than you ever thought possible so that you can…

  • Launch from a proven sales page template with gorgeous layouts and images instead of from a blank screen
  • Get course content clarity through a proven curriculum structure
  • Move super fast with prewritten copy that you can just edit the existing text instead of starting from scratch

FREE RESOURCE: WordPress LMS Buyers Guide

The 5 key principles of a winning course sales page…

1) Selling is human and not a dirty word
2) Sales page content needs a mix of logical facts and emotional content
3) The best marketing is a good product so include the curriculum and all benefit and feature details
4) Handle common objections in advance
5) Leverage a course sales page template so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel

Chris Badgett has been studying and practicing sales page strategy and copywriting for decades. Allow him to compress his decades of experience into days for you with the LifterLMS course templates.

There’s a myth that you need to pay thousands of dollars to create a good sales page. Don’t fall for the trap. Just use a LifterLMS course template, for free! Simply replace the template text, images, and video with your own.

It’s so easy with LifterLMS. See how easy it is to get a winning course sales page up in just a few seconds!