How Not to Fail as an Instructional Designer or eLearning Consultant

The 3 Pillars of a Successful Online Education Program

The key building blocks of a successful eLearning project are:

  • Subject matter expertise
  • Instructional design
  • Online course delivery system, LMS, or membership site

All 3 of these pieces need to be present and of top quality for a project to successful.
In this video, Chris Badgett talks about these 3 elements and how instructional designers can benefit by partnering with a technology provider.

If Your Business is Ready to Benefit From an Online Courses and LMS Tools Technology Partnership …

It’s time to reach out to a technology partner and start developing that relationship.
If you are ready to learn new skills as an instructional designer or eLearning consultant, it is perfectly acceptable to roll up the sleeves and learn the new skills required to build an online course delivery system or learning management system “LMS.” If you are interested in having a professional to partner with to help setup your awesome content in the best system, click here for a special video message and contact details.