LMS Website Design Without Coding – Kadence LMS Tutorial

Have you ever felt frustrated or disappointed when you chose to work with a WordPress LMS plugin, but couldn’t get the course, lesson, and student dashboard design perfect for your client or yourself? We call this the 80% problem. You are 80% happy with everything but want to update the course, membership site, or school design to be closer to 100% perfect without having to get into a bunch of time consuming and expensive custom development.

People ask Chris all the time how to create a beautiful online learning website with WordPress fast and on the cheap for themselves or their clients. They want great design, but want to create this design with powerful settings; NOT photoshop and custom code. Chris tells the story in the video about how the LifterLMS support team is often sent theme design customization requests outside the scope of LifterLMS plugin support. Then themes like Astra, Kadence, and others started creating powerful LifterLMS theme options. One of our users Chantal from Dubai approached Kadence and asked them to add certain LifterLMS settings, and they did!

Perhaps you’re struggling with one of these challenges …

  • There are so many WordPress themes available, it’s hard to pick one
  • Custom photoshop and coding work can be expensive and time consuming
  • Once the website is built it’s difficult to tweak course, lesson, quiz, dashboard, etc. layouts

We’re going to help you build a beautiful online learning platform website in 2021 with WordPress faster than you ever thought possible so you can…

  • Select from a few themes that give design attention to your LMS plugin
  • Manage LMS design from your theme’s settings
  • Make it easy to tweak course, lesson, quiz, dashboard, etc. layouts and design



The 5 key principles of a LMS website design the easy way…

1) Choose a theme that allows you to make global and LMS template level changes
2) Choose a theme that allows you to override design settings on individual posts
3) Plugins are for functionality, themes are for design
4) Choose theme that’s built with your LMS plugin in mind
5) Choose a theme that has powerful and useful design settings outside of the LMS parts

FREE RESOURCE: WordPress LMS Buyers Guide

Chris Badgett has been building WordPress LMS websites for a decade. He’s seen way too many projects end up where the client is 80% happy with the design. LifterLMS users like Chantal wanted more design options for LifterLMS. She reached out to this new theme company in Montana called Kadence and asked them to support LifterLMS, and they said Yes! We’re grateful for that. Also did you know that Chris was living in Montana when the idea for LifterLMS was born and when the LifterLMS software first released in 2014. I guess good things come out of Montana 😉

There’s a myth that you have to be a computer programmer or web developer to build great learning platforms for your clients (or yourself), Not true. You can build great looking and functioning learning platforms with WordPress, LifterLMS, and themes like Kadence. Just because you can’t write code, it doesn’t mean you can’t be an incredible WordPress implementer.

It’s truly amazing what you can build with the free LifterLMS plugin and the free Kadence theme. These are 2 great companies than lead by example on how to do freemium in WordPress.