LifterLMS News You Can Use #003

Welcome to your monthly LifterLMS News You Can Use, April edition: #003.

Read About Recent Technical Product Updates (We’ve been busy)!

LifterLMS Version 3.30.0


  • Create custom thank you pages with new access plan checkout redirect options.
  • Added the ability to drag and drop to sort and reorder items on the membership auto enrollment table
  • Improved the interface with the membership auto enrollment table settings.

LifterLMS Blocks

  • Updated LifterLMS Blocks to 1.3.8.
  • Fixed an issue causing some installations to be unable to use certain blocks due to jQuery dependencies being declared improperly

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue preventing courses with the same title from properly displayed on the membership automatic enrollment courses table on the admin panel
  • Fixed an issue preventing builder custom fields from being able to specify a custom sanitization callback
  • Fixed an issue preventing builder custom fields from being able to properly save and render multi-select data

LifterLMS WooCommerce Version 2.0.9

  • Disable checkout redirects for access plans connected to a WooCommerce Product.

LifterLMS Stripe Version 4.4.0

  • Updated Stripe API Version to 2019-03-14
  • Added RTL language support
  • Fixed issue causing the addition of a new card by a customer with previous purchases via Stripe to cause preexisting cards to be deleted from the customer’s Stripe profile when the “Saved Cards” setting is disabled
  • Fixed usage of incorrect filter used to modify checkout credit card fields
  • Unminfied (development) assets will now load via the LLMS_ASSETS_SUFFIX constant

LifterLMS ConvertKit Version 2.1.0


  • Added an option to allow LifterLMS native ecommerce purchases to be synced to ConvertKit using the ConvertKit purchases API, enabling automations based on purchases
  • Added additional options when using LifterLMS with WooCommerce to ensure consenting customers are subscribed via LifterLMS ConvertKit registration and enrollment automations.
  • Added custom field mapping to allow automatic population of ConvertKit custom fields with data from LifterLMS registration, checkout, and enrollment fields.
  • “Consent” requirements may now be disabled a single line of code: add_filter( ‘llms_ck_enable_consent’, ‘__return_false’ ).
  • API errors are now logged to a “convertkit” file isolated from the main LifterLMS log file.
  • Improved data validation for all settings submitted via forms on the admin panel.
  • Reorganized the settings screen for increased visual clarity.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a LifterLMS core 3.29.0 compatibility issue preventing consent from being saved properly during new user registration via the checkout/enrollment screen.
  • Resolved an issue allowing the consent and unsubscribe notice message options to show as empty or blank on the integration settings screen.

LifterLMS MailChimp Version 3.1.1

  • Fix an issue preventing grouping and tagging during new user registration on the enrollment/checkout screen.

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“We built Circulus Online in November 2017 offering a variety of online courses for financial planners for which they can earn required Continuous Professional Development hours. We started off with online marketing only and getting financial planners to sign on. One by one.  Then early in 2018 we started looking for groups and found that selling offline was actually much easier and more profitable. We have excellent completion ratios and users complete between 250 and 300 lessons per week. We grew to 374 users to date which would not have happened if we did not sell offline. So don’t ditch the in-person pitch. “

“We have reached a 1000 members on the platform from across the world which is great! super happy with LifterLMS and how it is helping us to grow the learning platform more.”

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