LifterLMS New Features and Online Course Marketing Ideas

We are surrounded by free samples. They are at the grocery store, in the mailbox, advertisements, and so many places. Free samples are a powerful marketing tool. They allow the prospective customer to inspect and even build an emotional attachment to a product.
In the release of LifterLMS version 1.4.0, thanks to some feedback from a customer, we added a frictionless free sample lesson feature.
When you mark a lesson as free in either a paid or free course, you are allowing a visitor to access a lesson without having to register or anything. They click the lesson tile that has the free icon on it, and they’re in.
LifterLMS Free Lesson Demo
We recommend you mark a couple of your best lessons as free to help drive interest in your course.

More Updates in the Release of LifterLMS 1.4.0

Did you know you can now randomize your quiz questions?
Remember that annoying issue where a user would have to back out to the course level to navigate into a new section. That’s gone now.
There’s a lot more that happened in LifterLMS 1.4.0. You can see the full list in the product roadmap. Scroll down to the Changelog so you can see the details of the most release … and all the ones that came before that if you’re interested.
To update your LifterLMS version, you can do so from the normal WordPress plugin updates panel as long as you have a valid license key set up in your LifterLMS general settings. If you need to check the status of your LifterLMS account to grab your license key or renew for another year of updates and support, simply log into your account here: