How to Sell Courses Alongside Memberships and More! – LifterLMS 1.4.1

Say Hello to LifterLMS 1.4.1

After working with LifterLMS for a while, people often comment on how powerful LifterLMS is as an eCommerce-for-online-courses and membership site tool.
LifterLMS gives you a lot of power right out of the box with one time and recurring payments for courses and memberships.
You can sell a course by itself.
You can sell a course only through a membership that contains it.
Courses and memberships can have one-time single pricing and/or recurring pricing.
You can even offer a course at a price on it’s own AND through one or multiple membership levels that contain it.
In LifterLMS version 1.4.1, you now have even more control over how your prospective learner experiences that path to join a course or gain access to it through a membership.
The video below shows the new options you now have to control pricing messages and what the enrollment buttons say based on the course and/or membership options you have selected:

Do You Have a Love/Hate Relationship with PayPal?

I do.
I’ve grown a lot with PayPal over the years.
There are things I love … like having them handle international transactions 24 hours per day worldwide.
There are things I don’t love … like their complex admin panel. I like options, but sometimes especially in my early web days, PayPal was difficult for me to navigate and figure out as a beginner.
At LifterLMS, we want your PayPal experience to be as easy as possible, that’s why with LifterLMS 1.4.1 we gave you:

  • Optional debug mode so you get error messages from PayPal that can tell you what’s not right with your setup
  • PayPal error messages that your customer will see if their transaction has issues so you can better help them pay you
  • A resolution to a checkout issue where no default price was selected at checkout when only recurring payment option existed

Thank You and More …

I’d like to thank all the members of the LifterLMS community who make contact. Thank you for helping guide the direction of the product and also helping us identify and eliminate bugs.
If you’d like to see more details of what’s included in LifterLMS version 1.4.1, head on over to the product roadmap.
If you are an existing LifterLMS plugin owner, all you need to do is update your LifterLMS plugin version in WordPress just like you would any other plugin. After that, you’ll be able to enjoy all the new features, updates to existing features, and bug fixes.
If you do not see an update available, simply head on over to, log into your account, and check the status of your license key and the website or websites that you have associated with your license.
Enjoy LifterLMS 1.4.1!