How to Create a Website For a Life Coach

Are you building a website for a life coach, but not sure the best way to make it happen?

In Chris’s web design career he’s worked with tons of life coaches. They’re not the best at asking for exactly what they need. But when you deliver a great website, and online business platform for them, they’re ecstatic, and become long term clients.

Perhaps you’re struggling with these challenges building a website for a life coach …

  • The life coach can’t articulate exactly what they want.
  • The life coach is disapointed at what you deliver
  • Uncertainity about wether you can serve this coaching market

When you create a life coaching website, like we’re going to show you here how to do, you get …

  • A life coach that feels that you over delivered and can’t wait to do more work with you
  • life coach who hires you for more work and potentially recurring revenue projects
  • life coach that proudly refers you to their coaching friends

The 5 key principles to building successful websites for life coaches…

1) Communicate visually with lots of pictures, design reference websites, and screen-sharing reviews

2) Power the business with an all-in-one ecommerce, coaching, and Learning Management System (LMS) tool like LifterLMS

3) Accelerate the start of a project by using a coaching starter site.

4) Meet with the client weekly until the project completes to share progress, collect needs, and get feedback

5) Consult and advise the client on ways they can be more successful based on your experience

One of Chris’s first web design clients in 2012 was a life coach. He learned about the challenges of building a website for a life coach and later built LifterLMS to better serve what his first life coach client was trying to achieve with her courses, events, and other digital products. She became one of LifterLMS’s first 3 customers in 2014.

The coaching industry is disrupting colleges, personal trainers, and psychologists. It’s a relatively new industry, but expanding rapidly.

If you’re looking to get more life coaching website clients, join the LifterLMS Experts program!