How to Create a Udemy Clone Website with WordPress for Free

In this post covid world, the popularity of eLearning platforms is enhancing rapidly. Now, students are more interested in online learning than offline training sessions or courses. As a result, Udemy has successfully achieved the title of the best eLearning platform in the online teaching marketplace. 

Therefore, it is wise to build an eLearning platform considering the site of Udemy so that your website doesn’t remain back compared to the Udemy site. 

However, creating a Udemy clone website is not easy. You will require proper guidance to get started with a website like Udemy. This blog has shared how to create a website like Udemy easily.

What Does It Mean to Create a Website Like Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace where millions of students take courses to develop their skills. Building sites like Udemy means coming up with a website that has all the options and facilities similar to that site. 

More in detail, the Udemy-like site needs a registration option for both instructors and vendors, courses with an outline, and group training. As a result, this allows you to get started with a full-fledged Udemy clone website. 

Now, do you know how to build a website like Udemy? Or ever tried to create a site the same as Udemy? Don’t worry if your answer is no. In the next section, you will learn how to create a website like Udemy.

Build a Udemy Clone in WordPress

Creating a successful LMS like Udemy is the desire of many WordPress entrepreneurs. And this desire remains a dream because of the lack of guidance. But not anymore. 

Here 9 easy steps are shown to create a Udemy clone website with WordPress. All you need to do is follow the below steps, and you are all set for your next venture: 

Step 1: Hosting Service And Domain Name.

In the first step, you must pick a hosting service provider for your Udemy clone. Hosting is the service providing you with digital space for your website’s files and documents. In more simple words, it is a digital home for your website. You can choose BluehostHostGator, Namecheap, or any hosting per your requirements and budget. 

After that, pick an appropriate domain name for your business so your target audience can easily reach out to you. But, before deciding, you must ensure that the domain is available to purchase.

In the second step, you must install WordPress, the most popular and advanced content management system. It is an open-source CMS with numerous free WordPress plugins and themes to create sites like Udemy. 

Step 3: Install and activate a theme to create a Udemy clone website.

Now you need to install and activate a theme for building your website. There are lots of free WordPress themes. Pick any of them for your Udemy-like website according to your choice. 

Step 4: Customize Website Pages.

Here comes customizing the pages of your site. But before that, you need to make some WooCommerce settings. Go to your dashboard and click the “Update WooCommerce Database” button.

Afterward, go to the Settings option under WooCommerce and visit the General tab. Then choose Country/ State.

Enter the currency for your selected country and press the “Save changes” button.

Get back to your site and click the “Edit Page” option.

This will redirect you to the backend of your site, from where you can edit every part of your site by clicking it. Edit your site as per your requirements. 

After editing all the parts of your site, press the update button.

Step 5: Add Necessary Plugins to Build an Udemy Clone.

In this step, you must install and activate all the necessary plugins for your site. First, install LifterLMS, the best learning management system for WordPress. 

To do that, go to the Plugins>> Add New option and search for LifterLMS in the search box. After finding the LifterLMS plugin, click the Install Now button and activate it.

You must install and activate a few WordPress plugins following the same process. In addition, you must install plugins for WooCommerce payment gateway, multivendor marketplace, setting forms, and switching user and user roles.

Apart from these, you also need premium plugins such as LifterLMS WooCommerce and LifterLMS Groups.

Step 6 Create categories and menu settings.

After installing the necessary plugins, go to the Categories option under products for starting your Udemy clone with WordPress. Then add the Name of your category and press the blue-colored “Add New Category” button. This will add a new category to your website.

After that, add menus to your WordPress website. Simply go to the Appearance>> Menus, and you will get the option to add menus.

Step 7: Include a Registration Option for Instructors And Vendors.

To let your instructors or vendors register, you need to make some settings. First, go to Settings>> General and allow anyone can register option. Then click the “Save” button.

Afterward, go to WooCommerce>> Settings and visit the “Accounts & Privacy” tab. Then allow the following two marked options. But before doing these, you need to add a registration form.

Step 8: Add Courses With Outlines to Build Websites Like Udemy.

Now you have to add products for your courses and after adding products, add courses. For that, go to Courses>> Add Courses.

Now, visit the “Sales Page” tab and press the “Add New” button.

You must add “Plan Title” and “WooCommerce Product”. After that, press the “Save” button.

Then click the “Launch Course Builder” button to add outlines to create a course on Udemy clone.

Finally, add an outline by clicking the “Section”, “New Lesson”, and “Existing Lesson” buttons. Press the “Save Changes” button at last and Publish your course.

Step 9: Group Training Programs.

Adding group training is the final step to creating a website like Udemy. Before adding groups, you need to add a page for group training and add a form on that page to let your visitors apply for group training. After adding a page for group training, go to Groups>> Add New.

Then add all the information about the group on this page and press the “Save” button. Thus your Udemy clone website is all set.

Launch your Udemy Clone Website

Congratulations! Now you know how to start your Udemy clone website effectively and efficiently. Udemy is the most recognized name in the eLearning marketplace. So, building your site like Udemy is a good decision.

Don’t be afraid to create your Udemy clone. Just follow the steps mentioned above and bring your dream into reality. Hope you can create your eLearning platform after going through this blog. If you are confused, do let us know in the comment section.