Unlock Your Learning Platform’s Infinite Potential

There are 4 big announcements today!

As you know LifterLMS helps online course creators and membership site owners like you convert your expertise and life experiences into income by creating impactful online courses.
Today’s announcements are just another step towards LifterLMS’s mission to help you achieve maximum engagement in your online education program.

  1. You can now get deeper consulting support from the LifterLMS team through Office Hours
  2. You can now pre-order the much requested Private Areas
  3. The all new Infinity Bundle is available for purchase (or you can upgrade into it)
  4. We are announcing what’s next in the LifterLMS product roadmap with release dates

Surround yourself with help with live weekly group Office Hours

LifterLMS is known in the WordPress community and the software world in general for having incredible technical support.
When you invest in a LifterLMS add-on or bundle you get access to the LifterLMS email-based ticket system.
But what about those times when you just want to talk to a live person at LifterLMS and ask a strategy question, get a software or service recommendation, or ask a LifterLMS product support question?
Now you can with an annual subscription to weekly LifterLMS Office Hours.
You can get Office Hours a la carte here or get access to it as part of the Infinity Bundle.
Click here to read more about LifterLMS Office Hours.

Pre-order LifterLMS Private Areas so you can deliver personalized content and private conversations with students

This private areas concept was born out of the requests from the LifterLMS community. Thank you if you voiced your opinion on this concept.
Private Areas for students are perfect for professional coaches, academics, institutions, and businesses looking to deliver personalized content and communicate directly with their learners.
Use Private Areas for:

  • Publishing specific content for specific students or members
  • Having a private discussion
  • Passing information back and forth
  • Publishing private call details and replays

You will have a private area per student per course.
If you leverage the power of LifterLMS memberships, you will also have a private area per member per membership.
A classic example of how to use private areas would go like this …
Let’s say you have a passive online course that helps startup entrepreneurs grow their business, and you sell it for $500.
You want to generate more impact and income, so you add private coaching to your offer.
Now your course + 8 weeks of coaching commands a $5,000 price tag.
You offer biweekly individual coaching calls to deliver live coaching with your students.
You post the call schedule details in each student’s private area.
You post coaching call recordings in each student’s private area along with additional personalized content.
And you engage in a discussion around individualized topics in each student’s private area.
That’s just one example of how you could use Private Areas.
You can preorder Private Areas a la carte and lock in early bird pricing here or get access to it as part of the Infinity Bundle which also has some limited time early bird pricing available.
The Private Areas product will officially release on July 31.
We would roll it out sooner but we will be remaining focused on developing and launching more advanced subscription management features for LifterLMS so users can self cancel out of recurring payments, update their credit card themselves, and more.
Click here to read more about LifterLMS Private Areas.

Unlock your online course, membership site, or LMS’s full potential with the Infinity Bundle

The Infinity Bundle contains everything in the Universe Bundle and more.
Click here for a chart that compares the LifterLMS bundles.

So what exactly is in the Infinity Bundle?

All the third party integrations and design products made by LifterLMS that are in the Universe Bundle are included in the Infinity Bundle.
The Infinity Bundle is also a place for:

  • LifterLMS Office Hours
  • LifterLMS Advanced Features
  • Top priority “front of the line” support

Today you can get the Infinity Bundle and lock in early bird pricing here for being an early adopter.
Right now in June you can save an extra $600 dollars on the Infinity Bundle and lock in your renewal with this same discount applied for life.
In July you will be able to save $550 dollars on the Infinity Bundle and lock in your renewal with this same discount applied for life.
On July 31, when the LifterLMS Private Areas Add-on is released, the Infinity Bundle annual subscription will move up to $499.
The full retail price of the Infinity Bundle will be $999 once more advanced add-ons are added to the bundle. Now is a great time to lock in early bird pricing for life before the Infinity Bundle moves up to full retail price as more advanced add-ons are added to the Infinity Bundle over the coming months. 
When you invest in the Infinity Bundle today you get instant access to everything in the Universe Bundle, LifterLMS Office Hours, Top Priority Support, and you will be the first to receive LifterLMS Private Areas when it becomes available on July 31.
But wait, there’s one more thing …
For being an early adopter of the Infinity Bundle, we are extending your renewal date out until August 1, 2018. Enjoy the extra time 🙂
If you are an existing customer and would like to upgrade to the Infinity Bundle today, lock in the Infinity early bird pricing for life, and get your existing license prorated for some additional savings, contact us here or log into your account here and press the big orange “Upgrade” button next to your Universe Bundle subscription.

Click here to read more about the Infinity Bundle.

Announcing LifterLMS Advanced Add-Ons

If you are a serious online educator, professional coach, academic, institution or business I think you’re really going to love this new category of advanced add-ons.
Advanced Add-ons bring new levels of advanced tools for the online course, membership site, or learning management system professional.
We’ve mentioned that LifterLMS Private Areas is in the pre-order stage and you can get early bird pricing on that now.
Here are the other LifterLMS Advanced Add-ons and their release dates:

  • LifterLMS Office Hours (Available Now)
  • LifterLMS Private Areas Add-on (Release: July 31, 2017)
  • LifterLMS Social Learning Add-on (Est. release: October 2017)
  • LifterLMS Advanced Quizzes Add-on (Est. release: December 2017)
  • LifterLMS Assignments Add-on (Est. release: February 2018)

LifterLMS Advanced Add-ons will be available for purchase individually or you can gain access to all of them through the Infinity Bundle.
Now during the month of June is a great time to lock in the Infinity Bundle at just $399 (discounted from $999 for a limited time).

Frequently asked questions about LifterLMS add-ons, bundles and pricing

Why isn’t Office Hours included in the Universe Bundle? LifterLMS office hours are time intensive and expensive to run. When we used to offer consulting work at LifterLMS, our hourly rate was $200/hour. If we were to add Office Hours to the Universe Bundle, we would have to raise the price.
Why not add LifterLMS Advanced Add-ons to the Universe Bundle? The LifterLMS Universe Bundle is for third party integrations and design tools. We thought about adding LifterLMS Advanced Add-ons to the Universe Bundle, but we would have to raise the price of the bundle. Some people want just what’s in the Universe Bundle and don’t need the Advanced Add-ons, so they’d prefer to keep the Universe Bundle price where it’s at.
Why not add LifterLMS Advanced Add-ons to the core free LifterLMS plugin? We like to keep the core LifterLMS software light weight and versatile. Not everyone needs advanced features like private areas, social learning, and assignments requiring manual grading. Also it’s important to have a sustainable business model so LifterLMS can continue to provide world class support and invest in adding new features to the tools our community enjoys.
Will you continue to improve the LifterLMS core free plugin? Of course. I would encourage you to look at the LifterLMS changelog to see how many new features and constant improvements have been added to LifterLMS since it’s inception. The free core LifterLMS will continue to get better as we go.
What happens when you add more third party integrations or design add-ons to the LifterLMS store? Those will be offered individually and added to the Universe Bundle.
What happens when you add more LifterLMS Advanced Add-ons to the LifterLMS store? Those will be offered individually and added to the Infinity Bundle.
I’ve got more questions not addressed here. Can you help me? Yes! There is a more in depth FAQ related to all the LifterLMS add-ons, the bundles and pricing here. If you don’t find your answer, feel free to send us an email.

Here’s what I’d like you to do next …

Go check out the Infinity Bundle in the LifterLMS store and view the LifterLMS feature chart.
I invite you to consider investing in the Infinity Bundle and lock in your early bird subscription price for life.
Remember if you are an existing customer and would like to upgrade into the Infinity Bundle and get prorated, just send us a quick message here or you can upgrade directly from the Universe Bundle by logging into your account here and pressing the big orange “Upgrade” button.
Together let’s build the most engaging learning experiences on the internet!