The Health and Fitness Online Course Opportunity

The 3 Health and Fitness Expert Advantages in the Online Course Space

There are many different types of instructors or topics in the online course space. “Health and fitness” as a niche is full of people with some unique advantages.
Here are 3 stand out advantages if you are or could be a health or fitness guru …
1) You have hard won expertise as someone who has undergone your own health or fitness transformation. Most great health and fitness gurus are good teachers because they have a history of going through their own personal journey. They know what it’s like to start at the beginning. This helps with developing resonance and beginners mind when interacting with and creating learning content for their ideal learner.
2) If you’re already teaching your material in person, you know what it takes to design a successful program with real people. The big opportunity for in person or brick and mortar health and fitness businesses is to scale their methods with online training. But before the scaling online, it’s important to note that some people have skill and expertise, but aren’t necessarily good teachers. But many health and fitness advocates have a lot of experience teaching others face to face already. This is a huge advantage when it comes to instructional design and delivery of an online course!
3) Healthy fit people have above average levels of passion. When human beings are healthy and fit, it’s often accompanied by a glowing healthy presence and above average levels of energy and intensity. This passion and aptitude for endurance is key to launching an online training program and motivating students. The passion is fuel and the endurance allows for survival during the challenging parts of launching an online course business.

The Health and Fitness Online Course Opportunity

There has never been a better time to create a viable online courses business around your health and fitness micro niche.
We’re not talking about niches here.
The opportunity is in micro niches.
For example the “vegan lifestyle” is a niche, but “vegan bodybuilding” is a micro niche.
Mainstream universities can’t teach everything. There is only so many students who will sign up for specific niche or academic department course offerings in a physical location. However when we remove the constraint of geography, we can niche down to a much deeper layer.
If you have a solid course in a micro niche, like a chi running training program for ultra endurance athletes, and charge $100 for that … you only need 100 people from all over the world to have a $10,000 business. If you have 1,000 students, you have a $100,000 business.
Don’t be afraid to develop a micro niche offering!

If You are a Health and Fitness Guru, Here’s What I’d Like You to Do Next …

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