How to Get More Students, Sales and Exposure

Want more students, a bigger email list, and an ever growing community that you can serve?

At LifterLMS I often get asked how to get more students.
It’s hard enough to build your course and launch it online. Right?
Then there’s this whole other job called course marketing.
If I had to pick 1 and only 1 course marketing strategy it would be podcast guesting.

What is podcast guesting?

Podcast guesting is appearing on someone’s podcast that is an interview show and whose audience is the same people you are trying to reach with your online course.
The podcast hosts are looking for quality guests.
The podcast audience is looking for informative, relevant, helpful content.
You are looking to grow your tribe while adding value to the host and their audience in the process.

What are the top benefits of the podcast guesting strategy?

Podcast guesting can help you grow exponentially because:

  • You get to leverage other people’s audiences that may have taken them years or decades to grow
  • People listen to podcasts everywhere (while exercising, doing the dishes, driving, etc.) in ways that are not possible with other strategies like guest blogging
  • It’s only natural at the end of a podcast episode to invite people to check out your platform and grab a copy of your lead magnet (a lead magnet is where someone gives you their email in exchange for a free eBook, email mini course, checklist, etc.)

This sounds awesome. What should I do next?

Listen to the expert on podcast guesting, my friend Nicole Holland.  She goes over how to get the benefits of podcast guesting in this video:

Would you like help getting on podcasts?

Check out how Nicole can help you get on the right podcasts by visiting her website Interviews That Convert and exploring her podcast Get Guest Ready.