7 Ways You Could Use a Gravity Form with LifterLMS

How Does the LifterLMS Gravity Form Add-On Work?

It’s simple.
If a Gravity Form is present on a LifterLMS lesson, the form submission will replace the normal “Mark Complete” button function.
Here’s a quick video about how LifterLMS lessons with Gravity Forms work together …

What you put in your form is where it gets more interesting …

9 Ways You Could Use a Gravity Form on a LifterLMS Lesson

1 ) Collect a Survey or Testimonial – Collecting a testimonial or survey (instructor or course evaluation) at the end of your last LifterLMS lesson is great timing!
2) Create an Advanced Examination, Quiz, or Test – Gravity forms has many form field types so you can create complex forms for your learners to fill out to create an assessment experience. Currently the form entry gives you the submission and completes the lesson, but does not further integrate with LifterLMS any deeper as in with analytics or progress.
3) Collect Registration Details for an In-Person or Online Event – You can simply create a registration form to capture all the information you require for event registration. If the event is a paid upgrade, simply attach payment to submission of the form.
4) Collect Assignments or other Uploads – If you do not want your course to be passive, perhaps you have some assignments in play. Example assignments could be that you want your learners to upload something like a document or photograph. Forms don’t have to be just for collecting words on the screen. Here is an example gravity form where we’re using the Gravity Forms upload feature to collect head shots for testimonials. Feel free to leave a testimonial for LifterLMS by the way 😉
5) Collect Any Kind of Information – The word “Forms” sounds boring to many … but they’re not. Forms on the internet are a powerful gateway for any kind of information exchange. If you have a learning management system, online course, or membership site … and you could collect any kind of information about anything, what would it be?
6) Customize New User Registration – LifterLMS gives you a lot of options for various data points to collect on new user registration, but what if you want to build your own custom new user registration form? Now you can through the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On. Automatically register WordPress users when a form is submitted and much, much more.
Here’s a video about combining LifterLMS with the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On:

7) Possibly Integrate with Other Third Party Applications – The LifterLMS Gravity Forms Add-On is particularly powerful, because through Gravity Forms you could likely integrate with other amazing third party applications like Slack, Dropbox, PayPal, Zapier and much, much more. At LifterLMS, we have not tested all the Gravity Forms Add Ons so we can not specifically guarantee that they will work exactly the way you would like. The main functionality of the LifterLMS Gravity Forms Add On is to simply have a form that on submission completes a LifterLMS lesson. We do encourage you to explore all the Gravity Forms Add Ons that look interesting, but the only one that we officially support currently is the User Registration Add-On.

Sound Fun? Here’s What I’d Like You To Do Next …

First, click here and invest in the LifterLMS Gravity Forms Add-On.
Second, if you haven’t already, go grab a license for Gravity Forms. They have 3 levels.

  1. Level 1 gives you all the basic form building features
  2. Level 2 gives you the Basic Add-Ons
  3. Level 3 gives you their Advanced Add-Ons

Below is a list of what is considered a basic and an advanced Gravity Forms Add-On …

Gravity Forms Basic Form Add-Ons

Gravity Forms Advanced Form Add-Ons

Questions and Community

If you have any pre-sales questions about the LifterLMS Gravity Forms Add-On, check out the quick setup guide and documentation. Also feel free to send us an email with your pre-sales questions here.
And if you’re building great things with the LifterLMS Gravity Forms Add-On, we’d love to hear about it over in the LifterLMS VIP Facebook Group.