Get Ready for LifterLMS Advanced Quizzes

Tomorrow (January 31, 2018) is the roll out of LifterLMS Advanced Quizzes!
The top 2 benefits of the Advanced Quizzes add-on are:

  • New question types like short answer, long answer, upload, scale, fill in the blank, and more
  • Manual grading for increased personalization and feedback loops

The new add-on will be released in tandem with an update to the free core LifterLMS plugin.
This update to the core LifterLMS plugin includes:

  • The new quiz builder (integrated with the course builder) which makes building quizzes easier and much faster
  • A few new question types for the base quiz system like picture choice, true false, and more
  • Your existing automatically graded multiple choice quizzes will migrate seamlessly into the new system

There’s a lot more coming, but those are some of the highlights.

Coming pricing changes

After the release of LifterLMS Advanced Quizzes add-on, the preorder window closes, and you will no longer be able to lock in cheaper pricing for Advanced Quizzes.
Also after the release of Advanced Quizzes, the Infinity Bundle (which includes Advanced Quizzes) will increase by $100.
So if you’d like to lock in cheaper pricing for the Advanced Quizzes add-on or the Infinity Bundle, now is the time to invest in your education business.

Chris, this blog post is a little light on details …

I know. Sorry about that.
We’re knee deep in final development and testing, but …
We have a lot of great content coming your way around the new quiz system and Advanced Quizzes. Here’s some of what you can expect coming soon:

  • A detailed live demo webinar of the new quiz system and the Advanced Quizzes add-on (You should have received an email to register for this if you are on our email list)
  • An official release blog post with lots of information and images
  • An informational podcast episode on our podcast LMScast
  • Documentation and FAQ’s
  • More YouTube videos (subscribe here)

So keep an eye on your inbox and our official facebook group for updates and new content as it rolls out.

Do you have specific presales questions about quizzes, the Infinity Bundle, or LifterLMS in general?

Click here to send us an email.

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