How to Get Clients in the “Online Learning Platform” Niche

We are living through an acceleration in digital transformation in how humans learn. Online learning platforms are emerging all around us.

There are many niches in this online learning platform world like:

  • Institutional education
  • Private training
  • Business internal training
  • Business external training

All of these sectors are seeing rapid adoption of WordPress and Learning Management System (LMS) technologies like LifterLMS.

The demand for WordPress professionals with LMS experience continues to soar.

5 Ways to Meet the Need and Get Clients in the Online Learning Industry

Here are 5 ways WordPress professionals with LMS experience can better meet the soaring demand for their services:

  1. Teach your process for building WordPress LMS websites via blogs, free courses (via a “free course lead magnet”), and YouTube
  2. Join the LifterLMS Experts program
  3. Attract clients by demonstrating your expertise by helping people in the LifterLMS Facebook group
  4. Create a LMS starter site that you offer from your website using Kadence, the Kadence Child Theme Builder, and LifterLMS
  5. Specialize your service offering in a specific online learning usecase (like business coaching, remote private schools, niche tutoring, test prep, language learning, company internal training, etc.), and create content about your specialty

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