GDPR and Email Marketing for Online Course Membership Site Owners

At LifterLMS we released new versions of our MailChimp and ConvertKit add-ons with new GDPR compatibility features built in.
One of the core tenants of GDPR is allowing users to give explicit consent for how their information is used. GDPR is also about giving the end user more control over their personal data.
In email marketing and CRM management, the new LifterLMS features allow site owners to collect explicit consent for adding people to email lists. It also allows users to unsubscribe from (and resubscribe to) emails originating from an email list service.

Explicit consent

The new LifterLMS MailChimp and CovertKit add-ons now have a checkbox on enrollment, registration, and checkout forms allowing users to explicitly consent to receive emails from the email list service.

New options have also been added to allow customization of the consent message.
To accommodate GDPR compliance, sequences and tags will only be applied to users who have explicitly consented to receive emails.

Opt out of emails from the dashboard

Users who have previously consented to receive emails may now change their mind and opt out via a checkbox on the edit account tab on their student dashboard.

The message beside the opt out checkbox is also fully customizable.

Resubscribe to emails from the dashboard

Users who opt out can also reverse their decision and decide to opt back in to emails from the email list service by resubscribing from their account screen on the student dashboard.

All these options put the end user in control of their decision to receive or not to receive emails coming through the email list service.

Confirmation emails

As an additional GDPR friendly move, the “Confirmation Emails” subscription setting is now enabled by default when installing our LifterLMS email marketing add-ons.

When enabled, students will be subscribed as “pending” and must confirm their email address before being subscribed to lists.
In email marketing this is called a “double opt-in.” The second part of the double opt-in occurs when the end user clicks on a confirmation link in a confirmation email that is sent to them automatically when they first join the email list.

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