Engagement Enhancements in LifterLMS 3.1.0

Say hello to LifterLMS 3.1.0!
LifterLMS 3.0 introduced improvements primarily around eCommerce, membership, and access for your education platform. Now our attention is focused on the learning aspects of the LifterLMS software.
We are asking you and ourselves questions like:

  • How can we make courses and the learner experience even more engaging?
  • How can we increase efficiency and usability for the teacher?
  • How can we improve and extend quizzing, reporting, and learner analytics?

If you haven’t already, please go cast your votes and make comments on the LifterLMS feature request board on what looks interesting and the most useful for you.
So what is the top new feature in LifterLMS 3.1.0?

The ability to add custom email addresses for To, CC, and BCC when sending email engagements

LifterLMS Engagement EmailIf you are not using email engagements yet, you should know that you can send personalized emails based off of the following behavior triggers in your LifterLMS powered site:

  • Student creates a new account
  • Student enrolls in a course (This is a new trigger now available in LifterLMS 3.1.0)
  • Student purchases a course
  • Student completes a course
  • Student completes a lesson
  • Student completes a section
  • Student completes a course track
  • Student enrolls in a membership (This is a new trigger now available in LifterLMS 3.1.0)
  • Student purchases a membership
  • Lesson Gravity Form completed (Requires the LifterLMS Gravity Forms Integration)

Once you select the trigger type, then you also get to select the specific one (course, lesson, membership, etc.) you would like to target for your personalized email.
Now with LifterLMS 3.1.0 you can send your engagement emails to multiple people if you’d like.
You can send it to multiple people, and there is a CC and a BCC field you can use.
So what would be a good example of why and how you might use this?
Allow me to set the stage …
Let’s assume you have your courses and other teachers’ courses on your LifterLMS site. So you are operating as both a teacher and a publisher for your education entrepreneur project.
Let’s assume that course completion is a big deal for your platform, and you want to celebrate that event with your learner.
You set up a personalized LifterLMS email engagement that goes to your student immediately upon completion. You also CC the teacher of that course. Once the teacher is aware of that individual’s success, perhaps it is part of your company culture that the teacher calls the student or sends the student a personal email of congratulations and recommendation on where to go from here. You also BCC yourself as the web platform owner, so you can keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening on your platform. Let’s also BCC your assistant who is tasked with sending the student a t-shirt in the mail with your company logo on it as a surprise bonus in celebration of their success.
LifterLMS email engagements
This is just an example of an amazing experience you can deliver by scaling the human touch through robotics with LifterLMS email engagements.
How are you using email engagements? Come join the conversation in the LifterLMS VIP Facebook group.