Should I Build My Online Education Website Myself or Hire a WordPress Professional?

Are you feeling uncertain and can’t decide wether to build the LMS website yourself or hire it out?

After 10 years in the online education industry, we’ve seen thousands of people hire WordPress professionals to build their learning platforms. We’ve also seen thousands build the website themselves without the help of a WordPress or LifterLMS expert. At a high level, we’ve noticed that people who hire out the WordPress LMS website building part to a WordPress LMS expert are more successful with their education businesses.

Perhaps you’re struggling with one of the online education business building challenges …

  • Overwhelmed from wearing too many “hats”
  • Scared you may make your life more difficult if you choose the wrong tech stack
  • Angry that the project is moving forward way too slowly

We’re going to help you decide to build your WordPress LMS website yourself or hire it out so you can…

  • Move forward with the right ideas and people to support you while accelerating the project
  • Feel satisfied with the decision of choosing WordPress and the best WordPress LMS plugin, LifterLMS, so the technology can support and empower you
  • Move faster and avoid costly mistakes by working with a qualified WordPress and LifterLMS expert

The 5 key principles to working with a WordPress LMS professional…

1) Invest in your baseline knowledge in WordPress and LifterLMS by taking the FREE WordPress Basics and LifterLMS Quickstart course in the LifterLMS Academy.

2) Accelerate progress by working with a LifterLMS expert in the spirit of the African proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

3) Lead your LifterLMS expert with the vision and mission of your education company, but also let them lead you when it comes to the technology stack. Sometimes we lead, sometimes we follow.

4) There’s a saying in WordPress LMS website agency work when it comes to how clients can experience the relationship… “Quality, Speed, Price – pick two.” Plan your project so you don’t sacrifice quality.

5) When hiring a WordPress LMS professional, choose someone off of the LifterLMS experts directory. Don’t hire a WordPress generalist. Hire a WordPress LMS specialist.

Before LifterLMS, Chris ran a WordPress agency. In the beginning he would build projects for clients by simply configuring WordPress, plugins, themes, and content. Later he started working with Thomas Levy, his now LifterLMS cofounder and CTO, to deliver more technical projects. This partnership between a niche expert and a WordPress professional is the foundation of LifterLMS’s success. Find your tech partner!

As the world becomes more complex, it becomes even more important to work in groups. Build your team!
If you have experience with WordPress and LiferLMS for yourself or for a client, consider creating a new revenue stream by simply joining the LifterLMS Experts program so LifterLMS can send you client leads.