Course Tracks, Course Reviews, and Course Categories, and More | LifterLMS Version 1.3 is Live

Course Tracks

Many LifterLMS customers have been asking for an easy way to create online certification programs with their WordPress LMS. Today we released the ability to create course tracks and trigger engagements off of the completion of the group of courses in that track. The certificate engagement triggered off of a completion of a course track allows you to deliver 1 certificate for multiple courses. The same course can be included in multiple tracks too if that’s what you need in your use case.
Keep an eye on our podcast, LMScast, where will be releasing a new episode about creating online certification programs.
In this video, we give you a tour of the new LifterLMS track feature.

Course Reviews

We’re also pleased to announce the arrival of LifterLMS reviews functionality for your courses. This feature allows your users to leave reviews on courses. Course reviews or testimonials are a powerful part of marketing and selling online courses.
Most of us gravitate to reviews, like when shopping on Amazon. Reviews strongly inform our buying decision at a conscious and subconscious level.
Now you can add automated review functionality to your course pages. See how it works in this video:

Course Categories

This is way cooler than you think. You can now insert courses in any content on a page by category using the LifterLMS shortcode functionality.
This would be super helpful if you want to go pretty custom on your LMS homepage design and layout. Create whatever layout and add any content, and then drop in only the courses you want to show up by category.

LifterLMS Version 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 are live!

Here’s a complete list of all the innovations that happened in today’s release.

    • Improved popover behavior in course creation.
    • BugFixing. Prevent multiple lesson and section form submission
    • Fixed typos at backend quiz page
    • Fixed check for update bug when plugin isn’t properly activated.
    • Bug Fixing, quiz post type should show author metabox
    • Added course category filter to lifter_lms shortcode
    • Bug Fixing, typo in [lifterlms_course_progess shortcode]
    • BugFixing, Analytics shouldn’t fetch students meta info from users were deleted.
    • Adds in basic review functionality
    • Updates plugin-updater to remedy PHP conflicts
    • Fixes date bug in Analytics
    • Cleans up jQuery console messages
  • Adds in course tracks

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