How to Price Your Online Course by Answering 3 Simple Questions

Let’s face it.

Most people guess on their online course pricing or simply copy a competitor.

When creating the pricing for a course, these 3 factors influence the optimal price…

  • Learner support levels and quality
  • Target market willingness to pay
  • Learning outcome perceived value

That’s it.

What questions can I ask to get the answers to these variables?

Ask these questions about your program and ideal learners….

1) Learner support levels and quality

In addition to the course lessons and other content, which level of learner support most accurately describes your training offer?

2) Target market willingness to pay

Which best describes your target market’s financial position as it relates to “willingness to pay”?

3) Learning outcome perceived value

If your learner does the learning and implementation in your training offer and gets the result you promise in your marketing, which best describes how much they would value that result?

How do I take the answers to these questions and come up with an actual price point for my online course?

Here’s the best part …

All you have to do is select the best provided answer to each of the 3 questions here in the free course pricing calculator, and you’ll have your price.

Click here to calculate your course optimal price.