How to Create a Course Marketplace Website Like Udemy with WordPress

Have you ever dreamed of building a multi-instructor online course marketplace like Udemy or Skillshare, but don’t have millions to invest in the project? Learn how it’s done with no code and WordPress…

Back in 2013 Chris Badgett created his first online course and uploaded it to Udemy in one day to prove that he could do it. It was a course about how to make the perfect omelet called the P.O.E.T. Omelet Method. P.O.E.T. stands for “Perfect Omelets Every Time.” From that moment on Chris was hooked on the online course industry.

Perhaps you’re struggling with one of these course marketplace (Udemy clone) creation challenges…

  • You don’t have millions of dollars in funding
  • You’re not a hardcore web developer
  • It seems like there are too many technologies that need to be pieced together to make this work

We’re going to help you launch a course marketplace with ease with WordPress so you can…

  • Build this entire platform with free and low cost tools
  • Use WordPress you can build the course marketplace platform without coding or custom development
  • Combine just a few best in class WordPress plugins to make it work

The 5 key principles to building a course marketplace like Udemy with WordPress…

1) Choose the most customizable powerful multi instructor course building learning management system (LMS) solution for WordPress, LifterLMS

2) Choose the most customizable powerful ecommerce solution for WordPress, WooCommerce

3) Choose the most powerful multi-vendor system for WooCommerce to turn your store into a multi-vendor marketplace, Product Vendors

4) Choose the best affiliate system for WooCommerce and LifterLMS AffiliateWP

5) Choose a solid managed WordPress host like Nexcess WooCommerce hosting to power your course marketplace platform

According to Crunchbase, Udemy took $296,500,000 in venture funding to create a course marketplace website. If the founders were to build Udemy today they could build the whole thing out with WordPress and a handful of best in class plugins without giving up equity & control of the company.

Build a marketplace! Some people think the only way to build an education startup is to monetize one’s expertise. However if we break this myth and instead take on a publisher’s mindset, we can build something of far greater value through the marketplace business model.

And be sure to use the LifterLMS Groups add-on so you can offer training at scale into businesses and organizations. LifterLMS Groups allows you to offer training to groups of people and manage group enrollment.