The First 8 Steps: Online Education Company Startup Checklist

Build your online course, membership site, or online school on a solid foundation by doing these 8 things first.

1) Get Domain Name

Every education business needs a memorable name.

Choose wisely.

Try to get the dot com.

2) Get Google Apps for Business to Get Company Email

Do not put your email accounts on your current web hosting provider.

Get professional email for your company from Google.

This also lays the foundation for your Google Analytics needs and other Google services later.

You will need this company email to open up other accounts and separate your personal and business identity.

3) Set up Sole Proprietor, LLC, or Other Business Entity with Local Government

Form your business entity by filling out the required form.

Consult with a tax or legal advisor if necessary, but don’t overcomplicate or drag out this process.

Please know that this step is relatively cheap and fast, and you can always change the structure later.

4) Open Business Bank Account

Go into your bank and open your business bank account.

It’s important to have a separate business bank account from your personal bank account.

5) Open PayPal and/or Stripe Accounts & Connect to Business Bank Account

Open free PayPal and Stripe accounts using your business email and business bank accounts.

You need a way to receive money through the internet for your business, and this is it.

6) Get WordPress Web Hosting

Your website is the business.

Get quality WordPress web hosting from one of these providers.

7) Get LifterLMS

Invest in the most flexible, powerful learning management system for WordPress.

Start with the free LifterLMS plugin or just one payment gateway like Stripe or PayPal if it’s necessary to keep costs down.

8) Celebrate!

You are building your education company on a solid foundation.