Tutorial – How to Generate Leads and Sales with a Challenge Funnel

Are you looking to get more sales from qualified buyers? Discover how that’s done using a simple quick challenge funnel…

Challenge funnels are becoming more and more popular. A challenge funnel is a time bound learning journey that promises some result over a fixed period of time. Dan Martell has some great training around Challenge Funnels and recommends you use a LMS to power your challenge funnel. Here’s where a challenge funnel comes into play …

Perhaps you’re struggling with challenges in your sales process…

  • Your market isn’t really engaged or excited about your marketing content
  • Your leads are not as qualified as they could be especially at the point of sale
  • You don’t have a clearly defined sales process

When you create a challenge funnel you get these benefits…

  • Raving fans that fall in love with your brand who are excited to buy more from you
  • Nurture your own qualified leads that are at a perfect point and ready to buy
  • An automated lead nurture and sales machine

The 5 key principles to building an effective challenge funnel

1) Choose a challenge focus that is high desire in the mind of your ideal customer

2) Focus the challenge on what would help someone get incredible value and be in even better position to buy your premium program

3) Don’t overwhelm your challenge lesson content, and only provide the minimum needed for the learner to get the result

4) Automate and organize the challenge experience with the best WordPress LMS plugins, LifterLMS

5) Link into your challenge funnel from your free content, social media, website and emails.

Courses allow you to structure content into a learning journey. A challenge is just a type of learning journey. We designed LifterLMS around learner results, not just information, so there’s a ton of features that are useful to challenges. An example of this would be our Assignments task list feature, where you could require learners to check off individual list items on a given part of a challenge.

Dan Martell teaches that you can make a paid challenge a “self liquidating offer”. That means all the money made from the challenge gets reinvested into Facebook ads to drive more people into the challenge.

We see too many education entrepreneurs fail to launch. One way to get the launch flow moving is to create a 7 day challenge, some free content to drive traffic to the challenge, and a paid membership that has one premium $200 course inside. You can always add more mini courses to the membership later. That’s better to go ahead and launch with instead of waiting months or years to put an entire course library together.