How to Launch a Business, Marketing, or Leadership Course

Are You Some Kind of Business Expert Considering Creating an Online Course?

You’re probably already aware of the opportunity to create more impact and income through online courses.
You are a business person so you see the opportunity.
But can you pull off a profitable online course?
There are 3 areas you need to focus on in order to stack the odds in your favor to have a successful online course project …

1) Valuable Expertise

In order to teach business, marketing, or leadership you have to have passion, life experience, and skills.
You don’t have to be the best in the world. You just need to be further along than the group of people you intend to help.
Know your value!

2) Instructional Design

Packaging your learning content so it’s consumable in the digital world is key.
You have to take your student on a multimedia engaging learning journey.
Multimedia learning content is made up of video, audio, text, and images. You could even blend live interactions into the learning journey if you’d like.
You can increase engagement and motivation through achievements, automated personalized emails, and certificates.
How will you package your learning content?

3) Online Course Delivery System or Learning Management System

The last step of launching your online course is loading you learning content into a system that will deliver it.
You need a website that is capable of selling, protecting, and delivering your online course.

Where Do You Go From Here?

If you’d like to take the fast lane to launching your course the right way, click here to see a video about the next steps …