How to Get Clients For Your WordPress Agency in 5 Easy Steps

Are you worried because you’re not getting enough clients into your digital agency?

Chris started his WordPress agency in 2010. He stared getting client leads locally in his small town by networking and joining the chamber of commerce. A year later he got his first client from outside his network from a YouTube WordPress tutorial video he made. A year after that he was generating client leads for $10,000 – $50,000 projects. Now he helps other WordPress agencies get clients in the LMS niche. He’s been around agency lead generation for a decade and sharing his best tips here.

Perhaps you’re struggling with one of these agency lead generation challenges…

  • Low flow of client leads
  • Scrambling from marketing to project delivery without any kind of system to support you
  • Wastiing tons of time and focus jumping from one overhyped “shiny object” marketing tactic to another

We’re going to help you optimize your agency lead generation so you can …

  • Increase client lead flow
  • Get steady leads without having to scramble back and forth from marketing to project delivery
  • Get exponential lead flow on autopilot from some key pieces of content and systemization

The 5 key principles to getting steady client leads for your WordPress agency…

1) Clients want to hire niche expert problem solvers, not tech agencies. Plant your expertise flag in a high value niche like WordPress LMS systems.

2) Teach a free passive self study course from your website to help collect leads, educate your market, and build authority. This is called the Free Course Lead Magnet Strategy, and there are templates in LifterLMS to set up one of these free course lead magnets one click.

3) Put a premium course on your website as a “downsell” to your agency services. Teach what you do. Do not be afraid of giving away your knowledge, systems, and processes. You’ll make more money. And the right client leads will emerge, offer to pay you, and say things like “Can you just do all this for me.?

4) Leverage social media correctly by creating niche content, being helpful, not spamming, not being overly “salesy” and engaging with your niche market in “giving without expectations” conversations over the long term.

5) Develop a simple 4 video Youtube marketing funnel based on your niche market’s buyer’s journey as detailed in the YouTube Traffic System video.

Chris has been in the WordPress agency niche for a decade. He’s fascinated by the tension he hears constantly between WordPress agencies and people wanting to hire out the building of the WordPress LMS website. WordPress professionals say, “I can’t find enough good clients.” Clients say “I can’t find a good WordPress professional to hire.” What you’ve learned to day helps fix this.

There’s a trend in the WordPress freelancer and agency space, where they say things like “I’m too busy to work on my own website.” This excuse is costing agencies from attracting more leads and closing more sales. A niche WordPress agency’s website is a big business card. Clients have a hard time trusting a website building company with a low quality or non existent website.

Let us help you get more leads to your WordPress agency by joining the LifterLMS Experts program. If you don’t have experience with LifterLMS yet, simply execute on the fee course idea mentioned earlier in this video.