3 Business Models for Online Course Entrepreneurship for WordPress and Other Technologists

If you study the history of the online course industry, you’ll find that technology courses, specifically web technology, is where the early innovators started building businesses around online courses. This makes logical sense because the early e-learning technology innovators were technologists themselves.
Many of the early courses on Udemy were about teaching web technology like WordPress.  Code Academy, Team Treehouse, and Plural Site were early movers in the online course space with their “How to code” courses.
The WP101 online education platform has been teaching people and companies how to use WordPress since 2008.
But don’t worry. It’s not too late to get in the technology education space!

Digital technology tools are changing all the time, and new technologies are constantly emerging around us.
You also don’t have to be the best in the world at a specific technology. There are a lot of beginners you can serve if you are a little further along on your journey and know how to embrace the beginner’s mind. You could also master and position yourself as an expert within a niche of a specific technology. For example, you may not know everything about WordPress, but you might command expertise in a niche like WordPress ecommerce solutions or WordPress based learning management systems.
Here are 3 business models to build around your technology expertise …

1) Your Technology Courses

You too can be a guru!
This business model is all about teaching technology skills via one or multiple courses with you as a teacher.
The 2 keys to make successful courses in this model is to:

  • Slow down and teach to someone who isn’t as advanced as you
  • Design your learning content to be effective, well organized, and visually appealing

2) Your Technology Course Publishing Platform

You too can bring together other gurus!
In this business model, we operate as a learning platform creator and bring in other experts to teach.
This model is similar to the traditional book publishing industry. In the way a publishing house partners with book authors, the online course publisher publishes other expert’s online courses and either pays out a royalty or licenses the courses outright.

3) Online Course or LMS Services

As the e-learning industry continues to grow exponentially, there is consistent demand coming from experts who need help setting up their online courses.
There are 3 main reasons busy technologists would hire you to set up their online course delivery system …

  1. The expert values their time and speed and would prefer to have you do it
  2. The expert may be a web technologist, but admits to not being an expert in learning management system technologies
  3. The expert respects your track record and knows that they will avoid the classic mistakes

In fact, if you’d like to have me and my team set up your web technology education platform, click here for a special video message.