3 Business Models for Online Language Learning Course Creators

Language learning is a huge industry

Business Model #1 – The Niche Language Learning MOOC

A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web.
A niche MOOC is where you focus your course or learning platform on a very tightly focused unique topic and audience that is not general in nature.
Traditional in-person schools cannot focus in this way due to supply and demand economics, but when you have the whole world as a pool of possible prospective students, you only need approximately 100 or more people with a common interest to develop a viable niche online learning program and business.

Business Model #2 – Blended Language Learning

If you are teaching language in person one-on-one or in a classroom, you can grow your potential number of students or reduce your direct time involvement by blending online training into your teaching methods.
Not all language learning has to happen face to face in an active manner.
Instead of teaching the same curriculum exclusively over and over again in-person, you can package that teaching into an online passive video course and use that to supplement your in person language learning material.

Business Model #3 – Flipped Classroom Language Learning

A flipped classroom is built around the concept of letting the student take the lead in their education. The teacher then comes in to be more of a support role or facilitator.
In language learning, the flipped classroom is created by making an online course with the bulk of the learning content. Following that, the students then meets with the teacher either in person or online to review material or get help where they are stuck.

Next Steps After Language Learning Business Model Selection…

If you are ready to learn new skills, it is perfectly acceptable to roll up the sleeves and learn the new skills required to build a language learning online course delivery system or learning management system “LMS.”
If you are interested in having a professional put together your online language learning platform, click here for a special video message and contact details.