Celebrating Success: LifterLMS and the Best of 2023

As we say goodbye to 2023 and welcome a new year, it’s time to reflect on the remarkable journey we’ve had at LifterLMS this past year.

It’s been a great year at LifterLMS marked by many wins and accomplishments that have propelled us to new heights.

Join us as we celebrate some of the top achievements that wouldn’t have been possible without our fantastic community, dedicated team, and thriving elearning industry.

1. A Brand New LifterLMS Website

We kicked off the year by unveiling our sleek and user-friendly website. It’s not just a visual overhaul; it’s a testament to our commitment to providing you with the best possible online learning experience.

We believe that navigating our platform should be as smooth as the learning journey itself.

This was a big accomplishment too as the LifterLMS experience exists across 7 different websites.

A big thank you to Web Dev Studios for the design work that began this project.

2. Revamped Design for the LifterLMS Software and Marketing

In 2023, we didn’t just stop at the website. We went back to the drawing board and gave the LifterLMS core plugin and add-ons both a frontend and backend software interfaces a complete makeover.

We also upgraded the design of many of our visual marketing assets.

This fresh look represents our dedication to staying at the forefront of modern design trends while ensuring an intuitive user experience.

A big thank you to Kim Coleman for leading up the design overhaul.

3. Introduced Sky Pilot, a Full Site Editing WordPress LMS Theme

We launched the gorgeous modern Sky Pilot theme to make your WordPress LMS website beautiful and intuitive for your users.

Sky Pilot is the only full site editing theme with an exclusive focus on the WordPress LMS industry.

Sky Pilot Theme The Best LMS Theme

Sky Pilot is the best WordPress LMS theme built for speed using modern technology and optimized for beautiful eLearning experiences.

Once you see Sky Pilot, you’ll see one of the many reasons LifterLMS stands out at the top of the list of WordPress LMS plugins.

4. Private Site Launched, Enabling Internal Training For Businesses

Privacy and security are paramount in the online learning world. Our Private Site add-on ensures that businesses have complete control over who accesses their learning content.

Private Site is all about providing businesses with a secure online learning portal.

5. Cohorts Released, Allowing Cohort Based Courses

We understand the importance of fostering a sense of community in online education. Cohorts bring learners together, allowing them to collaborate and grow together. It’s one of the ways we’re creating not just courses and memberships, but learning communities.

The LifterLMS Cohorts add-on allows groups of students to enroll and progress through a course together with comprehensive cohort reporting.

6. Paid Memberships Pro Integration

The best free membership plugin, Paid Memberships Pro, created a tight integration with LifterLMS.

Seamless integration with Paid Memberships Pro enhances your ability to manage memberships and subscriptions effortlessly.

The talented team at PMPro made it easier than ever to monetize your courses and memberships while providing a streamlined experience for your learners when using both Paid Memberships Pro and LifterLMS.

7. The “Shape Up” System

We’re proud to have successfully implemented the Shape Up system company-wide. It’s a testament to our commitment to product innovation, efficiency, operational excellence, and continuous improvement.

Basecamp’s ShapeUp system (which we’ve modified to fit our needs) is a project management approach that focuses on fixed periods of work called “cycles,” typically six weeks long, during which teams work on well-defined projects without strict deadlines.

Here’s a video where Kim and Jason Coleman discuss the Shape Up system at both LifterLMS and Paid Memberships Pro:

ShapeUp emphasizes the importance of exploring and scoping projects thoroughly before committing to them, allowing for a more flexible and efficient project development process.

8. YouTube Channel Milestone

The LifterLMS YouTube channel has reached an impressive milestone with over 1,400 educational videos.

We’re thrilled to continue providing you with valuable video content that empowers your online learning journey.

9. LMScast Podcasting Success

With over 440 podcast episodes broadcasted, LMScast is a leading podcast in WordPress, elearning, and entrepreneurship.

We’ve been publishing a new episode of the LMScast podcast just about every week since 2014.

We’re committed to sharing insights and knowledge that help you succeed in the dynamic world of online education.

10. Thriving Communities

Our Facebook Group of course creators and WordPress pros has grown to over 8,200 members!

This thriving community is a testament to the shared passion for online learning, and it’s a space where educators and WordPress professionals connect and support each other.

Our Slack Community, which is more geared towards web developers, surpassed 684 members.

11. Over 1.3 Million LifterLMS Plugin Downloads:

Lastly, we’re ecstatic to announce that our free LifterLMS plugin has been downloaded over 1,303,660 times from WordPress.org. This milestone underscores our impact and the trust you place in our platform.

Thank you for being a valuable part of our mission, where we work together to create free distributed learning for all.

Onwards to 2024…

As we look back on these achievements, we’re filled with gratitude for your trust and support.

Your success stories inspire us every day, and we’re more committed than ever to empowering you on your online learning journey.

Also thank you to all the integration partners who integrated their software technologies into LifterLMS to meet the needs of all the custom learning usecases.

Thank you to all the thriving WordPress professionals who joined the free LifterLMS experts program to get client leads from LifterLMS users looking for professional services.

Here’s to an even more incredible 2024, where we’ll continue to innovate, educate, and celebrate together!

Thank you for being part of the LifterLMS community.