Join the engineering team at LifterLMS, a small diverse team creating innovative WordPress LMS technology at the cutting edge of WordPress development, freemium, and security. Be a part of the solutiondemocratizing education in the digital classroom.


PHP, JavaScript (React experience a big plus), familiarity with WP core apis, and comfort with CLI tools and Node.js for development workflows and build processes. Not necessary but will have to learn: Docker, phpunit, and puppeteer/jest

React is becoming essential for what we’re going to be doing moving forward (not that complicated to pick up for any good dev with JS experience).

Next Steps

  1. Make a pull request contribution no mater how small to the free core LifterLMS plugin here on Github
  2. Introduce yourself to Thomas Levy (LifterLMS cofounder and CTO) in the LifterLMS Slack community #developers channel
  3. Email Chris Badgett (LifterLMS cofounder and CEO) chris [at] LifterLMS [dot] com after you’ve completed steps 1 and 2 with a quick intro and a message about why you’d like to work at LifterLMS