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If you are going to run a business effectively, you need to use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software). If you are going to successfully teach online, you need to use an LMS, or Learning Management System. Like WordPress itself, LifterLMS is actually usable "out-of-the-box," yet robust and powerful in its customization ability for meeting specific needs of the user. LifterLMS is today's leading solution for the LMS, online course, and membership site markets. 



The interface is intuitive and clean, making it easier than ever to create an unlimited number of courses, modules, and lessons with drag and drop capabilities for simple organization. You can build better courses that engage students by organizing lessons in completable, trackable modules. Content can be dripped out, and students can be reminded to come back when they drop off or haven’t been back in a while. Analytics are robust, already built into the platform, and give you actionable insights on how your students are performing. You can offer customizable student profile pages and easily add protected video or audio clips to any lesson.


Lessons can be video, audio, text-based, or any combination. If the material can go on a webpage, you can add it to your course. You can add any kind of supplementary material for students to download and interact with as well. Students get custom built-in group discussions areas as well as private student to teacher discussion areas. You can even blend this with a live learning experience using our Google Hangouts integration for lessons that need to be in person.  


You can gamify your course with badges, achievements, and automatic emails. Drip-feed your course content based on specific dates, days since sign up, or user completion of courses or lessons.


Quizzing your students is a breeze, and grading is even easier with automatic grading and grade weighting. You can automatically issue certificates upon completion of material, courses, or any event that you want, as well as set advanced prerequisites so you can control forward progress based on student completions.  


LifterLMS was built by educators for educators. It’s interface is clean and usable, and the software is robust and powerful... Plus, you don’t have to buy ANY OTHER PLUGIN to get it to work.


Learn about some of the features that make LifterLMS so awesome


Customize Content

Create custom sidebars for your course or membership level



Award badges based on lesson and course completion



Easily create and manage member levels


Student Profiles

Students never login to the WordPress backend



Track orders, issue refunds, and more


Simple Interface

Create your course and start selling in minutes


Drip Content

Drip content in a cadence that makes sense for your course



Create promotions for your courses


Mobile Responsive

Elearning never looked so good on mobile

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