Introducing Liftoff Sessions for New LifterLMS Customers

LifterLMS is known for helping it’s community in many live interactive ways.
We are proud to announce a new benefit to new LifterLMS customers.
Say hello to Liftoff Sessions.
The concept of Liftoff Sessions was inspired by the success of the weekly live group Office Hours Mastermind call that is a benefit to LifterLMS Infinity Bundle customers. We wanted to share some of that success with LifterLMS customers at various price points.

What is a Liftoff Session?

All new LifterLMS customers now get access to a weekly live group call with a LifterLMS team member for the first 30 days from their purchase to:

  • Ask questions
  • Get live screen sharing assistance
  • Get recommendations
  • Learn about how to use LifterLMS to best meet their goals

Why Attend One or Several Liftoff Sessions?

LifterLMS is a tool for building a complete learning platform.
There can be a lot of moving parts to make your goals a reality.
Why not let a LifterLMS team member with deep product knowledge and industry experience assist you on getting up and running and help remove any friction that stands in your way?

How to Get a Liftoff Session?

You will get an email invite to join a Liftoff Session as soon as you purchase an add-on or bundle from LifterLMS.
Let us help you achieve your goals and remove any obstacles standing in your way!