Try the Universe Bundle Before you Buy

Would you like your own great looking LifterLMS demo site that you can try out?

Now you can have your own LifterLMS site to play with for just $1 for 30 days.

If at any time before the 30 days are over you would like to claim your site as your own and keep it, you can do that.

When you decide to keep your trial site online, the LifterLMS team will transfer it to your own hosting for you.  We’ll just need you to provide us with access to a blank WordPress install and make sure your hosting meets the minimum system requirements.

To claim your site before your 30 day trial expires, simply purchase the Claim My Site product.

What are the Top LifterLMS Dollar Trial Benefits?

The LifterLMS demo is a great video tour of all the features, but it doesn’t give you a chance to ‘drive’ the site and actually use the powerful backend settings, options and tools like you can in the trial.

If you build a course and great looking site that you want to keep, you can.

Many people wanted an easier way to get started with LifterLMS. Skip all the setup time and start building your course and branding your site, not configuring software.

You can start with a fully functioning site like you see in the image below:


Who is the Try for $1 offer for?

This offer is for anyone who wants to test drive LifterLMS with all the software already installed and configured. If you like what you’re experiencing, you may decide to:

  1. Claim your site (This is perfect for the customer that does not want to add LifterLMS to an existing site or install and configure all the software from scratch)
  2. Purchase the Universe Bundle (This is perfect for the customer that wants to build their site from scratch or add LifterLMS to an existing site)
  3. Purchase a Done For You (This is perfect for someone who loves LifterLMS, but wants a hands-off approach and to partner with LifterLMS to implement the platform)

If I like my site and want to keep it, how much does it cost?

$499. This price also includes the LifterLMS team transferring it to a blank WordPress install on your hosting account for you.  You will just need to provide the Lifter team with logins.

*I want to keep my site. What hosting I can transfer to?

When you claim your site, we can transfer to a blank WordPress install on any host provided it meets the minimum system requirements. You are responsible for all hosting costs and setting up a hosting account as well as providing our team with logins to a blank WordPress install.  If you’re starting from scratch and looking for a recommendation, we love WP Engine. To learn more about WP Engine click here. LifterLMS is an affiliate of WP Engine. At LifterLMS we use WP Engine for all of our web hosting needs.

*Why do you recommend WP Engine?

WP Engine is a web hosting company. A website needs web hosting for all the software to be installed on that creates a website that can be visited from anywhere in the world. One of things that makes WP Engine the preferred partner with LifterLMS is their ability to receive a site transfer, reputation for quality support, and optimized WordPress environment. WP Engine is not the cheapest web hosting platform, but in the opinion of LifterLMS they are the best. If your website is the business, it’s important to have quality web hosting.

When I claim my site, do I also get licenses for everything in the Universe Bundle?

Yes. When you claim your site your site, the package includes 1 year of all the products in the LifterLMS Universe Bundle.

Exactly how long is my trial?

30 days, not 30 business days. For example if you buy your trial July 4, your temporary trial site will expire and vanish from the internet permanently on August 3, unless you buy the “Claim My Site” product before the trial expiration.  You will see an expiration countdown clock on your site.

What if I decide I want to claim my site after it expires?

Unfortunately there is no way to recover sites after they have been deleted.

Why is the trial not free?

To prevent spam sign ups and to cover the costs of the trial process.

What products in the Universe Bundle are in the trial?

Everything except LifterLMS WooCommerce and LifterLMS Gravity Forms because these require other WordPress plugins to function.

Why isn't the LifterLMS WooCommerce add-on included in the Try LifterLMS for $1 offer??

LifterLMS has a fully functioning ecommerce system with the native manual payment gateway, LifterLMS Stripe add-on, and LifterLMS PayPal add-on. The LifterLMS WooCommerce add-on is optional. The best way to test that is to purchase the LifterLMS WooCommerce add-on and test it out on your site during the 30 day 100% money back refund window.

Can I contact you if I have questions during my trial?

Yes! We are here for you. Click here to contact LifterLMS.

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