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How to Offer Coaching Scheduling from Your Website

LifterLMS Masterclass Series with Nathan Tyler

BONUS #1 Anybody who purchases Simply Schedule Appointments within 72hrs  from this live webinar will get their license automatically extended through January 2020 and they will bump you up to the next-level license (ie. if you buy Plus, they will upgrade you to Professional for free. If you buy Professional, they’ll upgrade you to Business for free).

BONUS #2 LifterLMS customers who purchase Simply Schedule Appointments will also get access to a quick call/screenshare with Nathan Tyler (with a custom SSA link of course). He will take a look at how you set up SSA, help you customize it to your business, and make sure you’re getting the most out of the features & flexibility, etc. It also means if you have a custom need or killer feature, Nathan will hear it out and see if it’s something they can work into the roadmap.