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The 6 Figure Course Plan Challenge will help you achieve the following in 5 days in less than 1 hour per day...


Clarify your course creator purpose and vision through a surprisingly simple framework so you can step fully into your power, making everything else WAY easier


Discover your ideal customer avatar through an easy exercise so course outlining and selling become low friction


Create your exact money generating offer your market desperately needs to magnetize your sales and marketing even if you don't consider yourself a copywriter


Overcome overwhelm with a step by step system to construct the perfect course outline that's just the right number of lessons


Guarantee your 6 figure course success with a little known and understood selling point and student success strategy

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Angela Brown Savvy Cleaner

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If a house cleaning lady can make a fine living from teaching others how to clean via online courses anybody can do it."

- Angela Brown, Course Creator

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