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How to Generate Leads and Build Your Reputation Through Earned Media Interviews

Don’t you just hate it when you start reading a news article and realize you could have been a perfect source…if only you had known about it in advance? Media reporters and commentators are always looking for qualified, quotable sources for articles, blogs, video clips, social media content, and other types of content.

The value of ‘earned media’ through interviews with traditional media reporters is well-established. But these days, anyone with a smartphone and a question is a ‘journalist’ who just might be a major influencer of your clients and customers. In this engaging and interactive webinar, a business journalist with 40 years of experience as a staff and freelance editor and reporter will explain how journalists think, what they want, and two ways you can come up with angles to be quoted in news stories.

Workshop takeaways include:

  • The unique ROI of being mentioned in news stories
  • Why media mentions are not free advertising
  • Why women have a unique advantage in being chosen for media quotes
  • Two ways to quickly figure out angles for pitching stories
  • How to get in on news stories

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